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Vessel Documentation

Buying a boat for recreational purposes and buying a car are very similar. The only difference is that buying a car is far more common which allows the process to be much more streamlined. While buying a boat can seem like an incredibly complicated process with no one to hold your hand and tell you where to sign. Which is why at Boat Background, we work to ease the burden of your clients while purchasing a used boat by providing them with a fast and easy service to check the background of the boat that they wish to purchase. At Boat Background, we know that nothing is worst than investing your time and money into something that does not work like it should, trust us to provide you with the information to prevent this from happening. Read on to learn more about the National Vessel Documentation Center and how to get all the necessary federal vessel documentation that you will need your your boat.


The Straight and Narrow

All boats over five metric tons in the United States are required to have documentation from the Coast Guard and all recreational vehicles must be registered with a state. The National Vessel Documentation Center provided the application and other materials necessary to register your boat with the federal government. This allows your boat to safely sail through United States waters and even can help you receive some tax cuts. Not to mention this institution also provided the necessary documentation for renewals, exchanges, and re-documentation for all vessels. At Boat Background, our analysis on the boat history report that you wish to purchase will look through all documentation filled through the National Vessel Documentation Center.

Boat History

Follow the Paper Trail

At Boat Background, we are proud that we utilize as resources offered to us to provide our customers with as much valuable information as possible. We desire our customers to make a knowledgeable decision on a used boat purchase with our top-notch boat background checking services. We utilize information from the National Vessel Documentation Center and their state registration for an accurate reading on the boat vin number history of any used boat.

Boat History

If you are looking to buy a used boat, trust Boat Background to provide you with a much needed background check to ensure the integrity of your boat so that you feel safe on the water! Contact us today for one of our affordable boat background packages!


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