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Coast Guard Documentation vs State Registration | Boat Registration Lookup

Owning a boat can seem incredibly tricky and bureaucratic when owning a boat for the very first time. However, if you are purchasing a boat that has been used by previous owners, it is important for you to understand the documentation in order to better understand the history of your boat. Your boat’s coast guard documentation and state registration are crucial documents that represent your boat’s existence and its right to be in waters protected by the United States. At Boat Background we use these documents to look deeper into the history of any boat so that we can properly analyze the history of the boat and determine its integrity. Read on to learn more about the difference between coast guard documentation and state registration and the importance of boat registration lookup.

Boat Registration Lookup

What’s the Difference?

The amount of documentation require for your boat can often seem confusing, however, knowing their function is crucial to have the best possible experience with your vessel. While all boats over five metric tons, regardless of their purpose, must have a coast guard documentation, which registers their boat in the United States and allows them travel throughout United States controlled waters, regardless of the port that they register to hail from. While state registration is required of all recreational vehicles and will required to be renewed every one to three years. In addition, your boat registration number is supposed to be shown visibly on your boat while your  Coast Guard documentation should be housed inside of your boat.Not to mention, while the United States Coast Guard has restrictions on boats, state governments may have additional restrictions which makes some ports better than others depending on what you wish to do with your boat.Trust Boat Background to scour both of these documents to ensure that your boat is in tip top shape.

 Boat Registration Lookup


Why do you need them?

Both your Coast Guard documentation and your state registration are crucial for developing deep into the history of your boat. Both contain vital information that Boat Background can use to scope out any unsavory details about the used boat that you wish to purchase.

Boat Registration Lookup

If you are looking to buy a used boat, trust Boat Background to provide you with a much needed boat registration lookup to ensure the integrity of your boat so that you feel safe on the water! Contact us today for one of our affordable boat background packages!

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