About Us

Boat Background is the leading provider of boat history report. We have been helping our customers in making an informed decision as they obtain all necessary details about the ship they are planning to buy. The boat history we provide has all the needed information that you need to guard yourself against the purchase of a boat with hidden damages or to buy a stolen boat. A ship with hidden damages could impact your safety when you use it on the water.

Our company started as a small venture. As we partnered with the marine industry and used boat owners, we made our business grow so we can better assist our clients around the world. Our customers are not limited to used boat buyers. Rather, they include dealers or brokers, sellers, and marine surveyors, as well as law enforcement and insurance companies. Clients trust our boat history report, and they treat our site as a great place to start when they look to purchase or sell a second-hand ship.


Why We Put Up This Site

As a boat lover, we know how difficult it is to gather more details about a used boat before purchasing it. We have friends who were victimized because previous owners did not tell them all the details they need to know. It was completely difficult to find a complete history of a used boat.

Although there are resources you could use out there, none of them could give you definitive report. But the important data are present out there. The only problem was that how to get them and provide them to the public. And this is where we come in. We started this service to provide you with an almost complete boat history report that can help you in making an informed decision before you even purchase a used boat.

Since the opening of our site, we had heard success stories from our clients who had an informed decision before they made a purchase. With the information they gathered from our boat history report service, they made safer choices when they bought used boats.

Through our partnerships with dealers, buyers, and sellers and in the entire marine industry, we have assisted boaters and made boating safer for all. As we continue to grow, we will be more involved in the marine industry. We have partnered with like-minded aquatic partners who create a positive influence and encourage education about purchasing a used boat.

If you want to know more about what we do, please contact us here!