What Is A Boat History Report?

It is a report about a used or second-hand boat’s history. The details provided in the report can give you confidence and help you make an informed decision before purchasing a used ship. It makes it easier for you to decide whether or not such boat is worth it.


Is The Report Ideal For Sellers Too?

Yes, the report is also useful for sellers. That is if you are selling your boat. It is your way of showing to the prospective buyers that your boat is a sound purchase. It is a way for you to demonstrate that your boat is clean allowing them to have the confidence in buying your boat today.


Can I Use Your Site Even Without HIN?

Unfortunately, you cannot use our service without entering the HIN. The reason for this is that our site relies on the HIN of the boat. However, you can go to the United States Coast Guard website and ask for the official number of the ship you want to sell or buy. This official number is a six-digit serial number.


Does The HIN Have To Be Correct?

Yes, it needs to be the accurate HIN so our website can give you an accurate report. Remember that an incorrect HIN will also return an inaccurate or invalid report.


What If The Report Shows “Encumbrance”?

Encumbrance means that the boat still has money owed. It is a must that you check with the seller and ensure that the finance is cleared. You must also make sure that encumbrance is removed before purchasing the boat. To save you from trouble in the future, you must ask for proof of repayment from the previous owner and information about the lender to verify the payment.


What If The Report You Sent Is Inaccurate?

If you think that the report we provided is wrong, you can send us an email, and we are more than happy to assist you.