Are you buying a used boat? To give you confidence and peace of mind, get a boat history report first. Never risk your money buying a ship with an unknown history.

The Importance Of Boat Background Can Help

Obtaining a history report is a vital step before you even purchase a used boat. This report can bring to light information that the seller may not have told you about. One of the pieces of information you can obtain from this report is the financing detail of the boat. Bear in mind that if the previous owners have not fully paid the ship, it could affect your credit history as the new owner. In some instances, it could leave you in debt.

Since purchasing a used boat is an investment, it pays to conduct more research than to do less. So never risk buying a used boat with hidden financial problems. Know the history report of your next boat and avoid yourself from getting into financial trouble.


How To Check History Report With Us

When reviewing the history of a used boat, the details you need to have are the HIN (Hull Identification Number) and the Primary Vessel ID. Our system will check through thousands of government agencies for negative events in the subject’s history.