Is Boat History Report Necessary Before Buying A Used Boat?

Are you planning to purchase a used boat? If you are, then make sure you check its boat history first to know whether or not it has adverse events associated with the ship. A boat history report is vital in addition to checking it for its overall maintenance.

In addition to checking the boat’s history, here are other things you must keep in mind before purchasing a used boat.

Look For Cracks

Small cracks may seem to be a cosmetic problem. However, If they are not fixed, they could get worse. If they are greater than two inches long, they could suggest larger problems. When you see cracks, ask the owner if the boat has been in a collision. Get a ship history report and have it checked by an expert too.

Check For Signs Of Damage

Cracking and moulds could indicate rot. They could also mean that the fiberglass is breaking down or they rot in the stringers. If this is the case, you might want to just walk away.

It is also vital to check the boat for mildew. Do the seats have mildew? How about its carpet? You must check its storage lockers as well. Although covers can be easily cleaned or replaced, extensive mold could get inside the seats which could be a bad sign. Since molds could quickly spread, the spores that you see on the seats’ surfaced could also be in the wooden parts. They could mean serious problems that might manifest only a few months after you have purchased the boat.

Ensure That Its Electronics Still Work

Although burned-out bulbs could be easily restored, some faulty electronics in the boat could spell trouble in the future. Check the boat’s labels if they have peeled up. Then, look into the insulation on wires and determine if the wires are melted. You must also check if there are signs of engine overheating.

Test The Engine

You can do so by starting it. If it starts rough or it makes excessive noise, it can indicate a bigger problem. It could be a result of a low compression, or it could mean a costly engine overhaul in the future. In that case, walk away and find another used boat.

Buying a used boat is like buying a second-hand vehicle. You need to check everything from top to bottom. To be thorough in checking it, make sure to obtain a boat history report. For more information visit our website to get a boat background history report, before buying a used boat.

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