Can A Boat History Report State If It Has Been Damaged By Hurricane?

During the hurricane Sandy, it resulted in more than $650 million in damages to boats. Unfortunately, boats damaged by the hurricane are sold with a clean title. Because most states in the US do not recognize damaged titles for boats, storm-damaged ships are auctioned off so they are refurbished. Then, they are marketed to inexperienced individuals. What is worse is that they come with clean titles. Yes, even those boats that have been submerged under salt water for a long time that resulted in detrimental damaged. The only way to reveal the truth is to get a boat history report.

Will You Know If It Has Been In Accident?

Getting a boat history report allows you to know if the ship has been in an accident. At Boat Background, we utilize extensive database searches to gather hundreds to thousands of accident records. Once you have obtained such report, you can avoid purchasing a used boat that has been severely damaged in an accident but completely repaired to look new. But bear in mind that a vessel that has been severely damaged is not safe for you and your family. It also has a little resale value.


While in use, not all boats are overturned. However, some boats sank dockside because of heavy rains or faulty drains. Unfortunately, the damage cannot be discerned immediately. However, once corrosion sets in, it could mean costly issues. These issues could also continue to surface. Do not allow this to happen. Obtain a boat history report to avoid jeopardizing your family’s safety. You can also avoid spending thousands of dollars just to repair it in the future.

How About Boat Fires?

Apart from cosmetic damage, boat fires could also result in hidden structural damage. But because of skilled fiberglass work, those damages could be easily repaired. They could also appear undamaged to the naked eye. It means that once those damages have been fixed, you would not know that a fire had occurred. That is why you need to obtain a boat history report to know whether or not a fire had occurred in the boat.

Boats Involved In Illegal Activities

Boat owners will not tell you that. However, boats are usually seized by US customs because of illegal activities. But they are not required to show potential buyers this information. The only way to know is to run a boat history report. Contact us today to receive your boat history report.

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