Are You Selling Your Boat? Get A Boat History Report First

Whether you want to have a bigger boat or downsizing, selling your boat requires a little planning. In that way, you can sell it as quickly as possible with as much profit as possible.

1. Get A Boat History Report

You may think that a boat history report is only for boat owners who are buying a used boat. But this report will help you demonstrate to potential clients that your ship’s papers are clean and they have nothing to worry about.

2. Provide Good-Quality Photos

It is like selling a used car. You must excite your potential clients by offering them with photos in and out of the water. Then, include the bow, beam, quarters and stern. Make sure to take shots of the cockpit, deck, and accommodations belowdecks. Put yourself in your buyers’ situation. Would you not want to see those details of the boat before buying?

3. Clean Your Boat

Before you even take photos of your ship, you must clean it up. Remember that a clean bilge or shiny gel coat will sell faster and for more profit than a boat that looks dirty. A weekend of applying some polish can make things better and help you make thousands of dollars in the sale price of your vessel.

4. Use Builder Specs In Your Ad

When writing your ad, make sure to use the builder specs for every dimension. For example, instead of using VHF radio, use Icon Marine VHF and its version. Then, use some things that could significantly enhance the sale. One great example is to specify that the boat has only been used in freshwater. You can also say that it is professionally managed with full maintenance records.

5. Set The Right Price

Before you even start posting your ad, make sure that you have set a realistic price. If you think that it is too high, present it with facts. You may refer your listing price by conducting research through the NADA guides. Browse the Internet to know more about some tricks and tactics on how to sell your boat online.

When you follow these tips, you can speed up the selling process of your boat. After deciding the price and you have taken photos of your ship, look for a site that offers the best package options in selling a used boat.

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